Coffee Corner…

Don’t laugh. This is what I’ve just decided to call a new section of my blog. I’ve written three story-like posts so far and have decided to change it up even though my original goal with this blog was to keep it strictly anecdotal. 

So Coffee Corner is where I will ask you a question or raise an issue for you to think about (maybe over your morning coffee?) and then feel free to post a comment regarding it or just come up with your own opinion in your own head and feel enriched. 
Today’s Coffee Corner: 
I’ve just spent 2 and a half hours in a lecture discussing how we read. Seem elementary? Well, it’s actually something we all do very differently and, at least to me, is worth a ponder. When you read a book, do you like to think about what the author meant when writing it, or do you tend to absorb the text for what it is, appreciated it (or not) and move on? 
And what would you think about a guy named Roland Barthes who claims there has been a “Death of the Author”? Meaning, the reader is the only one that matters when actually reading because the author isn’t there to defend himself. So… what kind of reader are YOU? 
Sorry to subject you to the type of stuff that comes with attempting an English M.A., but now you have a little glimpse into what I’ve been studying lately. Fascinating, right?? I actually kind of think so… And DON’T WORRY. Another Coffee Corner will be coming soon!

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