Places I love Here

– Uhuru: a small natural foods store on Cowley Road. They have awesome stuff I’ll probably never eat, like white chocolate with pepper corns.

– G & D’s: a local-to-Oxford ice cream shop open till midnight (almost unheard of here) that serves flavors like lavender, really good except it was weird tasting a flavor in my mouth I’m used to smelling in hand cream…
– Topshop: trendy clothing store. Let’s just say it’s good I don’t live near it, or I would be in big trouble.
– The picture house on Walton Street: I saw “Burn After Reading” there the other night. It’s really tiny but has ultra-comfy seats and shows artsy movies I’ve never hear of.
– The shed in our backyard: mostly because it reminds me of the time G lost farkel and had to sit in the shed at the Cabin for five minutes. I think she made it to 2:35. It also houses my bike, which is convenient in such a wet climate.
– University Parks: hands down the most beautiful park in Oxford, and I definitely got spoiled living so close to it when I studied abroad. 
– Headington Hill Park: basically a giant hill I want to roll down SO bad! I’m feeling out whether or not it would be socially acceptable.
– The Nero’s coffee shop in Blackwells: great chai lattes and great for reading the books I don’t actually want to purchase from the book shop.
– Bill’s Boot Repair: refer to earlier blog.
– 7 Badgers Walk: because it’s home, or at least becoming it.

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