Dear dad,

As you may have read a few weeks ago, I wrote a letter to my mom for Mother’s Day about just some of the many reasons I love her. As it is now Father’s Day, I would like to do the same for you dad. Not in a I-guess-I-should-because-I-did-for-mom kinda way and we should keep things even and not because I am too far to tell you these things myself (I’m currently just a staircase away from you), but because I love you like I love mom and for all kinds of different and unique reasons, and I want the public to know how great you are. Not just as a speaker and writer but as a dad. So here it goes dad. Just a few of the fatherly reasons I love you:

You’ve made life a story for us, naming characters and games (wiggly worm comes to mind most vividly) that make each day an adventure, and that perspective, though not always as fresh as I’d like it to be, has stuck with me all these years.
You surface honesty in our conversations. If things aren’t ok, or if things are better than they’ve ever been, the real deal comes out when speaking to you.
You have lived the past 25 years as a male minority in your own household and have never, ever, not even once complained about it.
You have given me the travel bug, the writing bug and the faith bug… all bugs I don’t mind having for the rest of my life. 
You came to every game and musical-type performance, no matter how lame, and always made me feel like a superstar. Even if I the played the role of “woman #2” or caught the volleyball during a volleyball game. 
You taught me to swim by slyly backing up without my noticing as I swam toward you a stroke at a time the full length of the pool. Although I thought it a dirty trick at the time (I might have even cried), that lesson continued and carried over into so many areas where I went further than I thought I could because of your encouragement.
I could go on forever. 
I’ll just say I am beyond blessed and love you more than you know.
Happy Father’s Day! You deserve recognition on all days, but this one is especially for you.
Your daughter,

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  1. grace sisca on March 2, 2011 at 9:41 am

    it is amazing to have a dad like yours. My dad unfortunately is not like your dad, he always get fight with my mom almost 29 years of my life, and always think negative about someone. He is also an active flock in our church. But when our pastor advices him about his marriage problem. he blames his wife and the condition.

    sometimes i get jealous with others who has great dad. But one thing i know, when my dad open his heart, ask Jesus to live in his, and let God heal his heart, i am certainly sure i will have the experience like you, or perhaps more than that. though i don’t see it now, someday i will. and i still say my dad is the best dad that God has give to me

    Thank you for your note dear dad, i may have a dream for my dad.

    God bless you more and more,


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