Oxford in the Summertime

is warmer, slower and just overall a bit nicer. It’s hard to believe I had an earlier plan of leaving this place in June. I already wouldn’t have seen/felt/experienced so many things. For example…

what Uni Parks feels like in bare feet and a tank top
the distinctly British way of bar-b-qing: as often as possible, with lots of sausages (yes, they add “s”-es to lots of words like “shrimps” and “cereals”) and Pimms
my tea party birthday, shared with my good friend (and birthday twin) Melissa, at the very sophisticated tea room in the Randolph
the quiet calm before the storm, just after Oxford students leave for the summer and just before a billion foreign (including American) high school students run the place over for ivy-league prep summer courses – a good week that sadly ended Sunday…
the sun rising around 5 am and setting around 10:30 pm – that’s my favorite part so far
I know there is much more summer to come, about two months in fact before I’ll have to say goodbye to this strange and beautiful place. But no talk of that yet! There’s still a dissertation to write and traveling to do and fun to be had.
I have to admit the dissertation part is proving difficult to a student accustomed to summers off, but I’m sure a second wind is in me somewhere. It will probably come from my supervisor’s list of corrections I’ll receive this week. I know you’re all dying to know specifics about this long paper I’ve been writing, so don’t worry, I’ll give details soon, but I think I’ll save it for another post. It deserves its own.

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  1. Buranda on July 9, 2009 at 4:27 am

    hehe I am glad you have met some friendly Australians. I guess we can be half civilised when we put our minds to it.I love hearing about your thoughts and adventures. Good luck with the rest of your dissertation.

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