I Want to Come to Your Book Club and Give You Presents!

Attention all book clubs,

Are you considering reading English Lessons in July or August? If so, I would love to know! For two reasons:

1. I would like to mail your group some custom made stationary as a gift. Isn’t it beautiful?

2. I would like to Skype (or FaceTime) into one your gatherings for a Q&A! Seriously. Just tell me when to be there and I’ll answer any questions you had about the book or the writing of the book. This is me waving at you from Skype…

(Yes, I got bangs. This is what happens when your hair appointment is the day after your birthday and you are coping with the reality of age.)

Let me know if you’re in by contacting me here or even leaving a comment below with your email address. If you’re not in a book club but you know a friend who is, feel free to forward this post to them to let them in on the news.

Yay for summer! Yay for reading!

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  1. maie sullivan on July 3, 2017 at 1:15 pm

    I know many of the woman in my church would benefit from reading and sharing insights and thoughts brought out from reading your book. I do our church library and thus know somewhat of what the needs are. I don’t know if you ever donate your book(s) to church librarys but if you do would you consider us? Either way…..thank you.

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